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Lynsey amp; Kevin

Fantastic directions! now sells styrene already bonded to fabric, so thats what I used. It was TO easy. I made 10 - 10 shades for my wedding next month. Who will ever know I did it all for less than $200? Thanks so much!


Im looking to make a large 18-20 in. pendant drum shade lined with raffia type fabric for my babys nursery. Im so glad I found your instructions and shopping sites. I would like not to be able to see the light bulbs from below though, and I dont see where to buy a diffuser. Is that something I would get at one of the lamp supply stores or a material that I would cut to size. What kind of material is it exactly? I would appreciate any help I can get on this. Thank you.

judy lake

I have to say I am not a fan of lampshade diffusers so I probably am not the one to help out here. I know they are online and can be purchased for the diameter of the shade bottom. They are a polysomething and will bend to pop into the bottom of the shade. I personally do not use them; Id rather see the light bulb than a bunch of unattractive plastic...:) do some googgling and you are bound to find the source.And be careful lining a shade with raffia; Id think it might be flammable. Maybe you meant on the outside of the shade. thanks,judy


Judy, thanks sharing your expertise. I want to make a lampshade that is 24 in diameter which will be 75.36 in circumference. The styrene comes in 48 width- do I join two pieces? I will have to seam the fabric, so I think this could work- what are your thoughts?

judy lake

Hi Colleen, you will need to go the long way on the styrene. Definitely do not piece the styrene. It would totally not work that way. Youll just have to make more shades!!!

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