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Deb Hall

Bravo! It's good to color outside of the lines for inspiration now and again (just don't let the librarian catch you). Tricia Guild should be proud. Whenever I get into color quandaries, be it web or home interior related I head right over to visit Maria Killam at
lot and lots of color talk. We may still be deep in snow but something in the light, feels just this side of spring. I love the shade!
Peace, Deb

judy lake

Ha! I promise it wasn't a library book!!! I'd never do that. I'm just in from a xc ski. Way too many clothes. Great to catch the sunshine.


Hi, I love your blog and your work! I got your book. I'm waiting on my lampshade supplies to make some lampshades.

I love that you have your own shop. It is so inspiring. I live in CA but maybe I'll come to VT sometime so I can visit your shop! I'd love to see it!

judy lake

Thanks for buying my book, Heather. I think it will be super helpful w/ lots of tips. There's tons of info, maybe too much to absorb all in one reading, but you can go back and use it for a resource.
I love my little shop. It's my own little piece of heaven; although it looks like a bomb hit it-projects being started in every corner. Yikes.
Feel free to email me if you have any questions and hope you will make it to Vermont to visit.


Aww thanks so much! I might email you with questions :) Looking forward to your next post! :D


Lamps nowadays are really far from those of the past. They've become more creative, user-friendly and recyclable.

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