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mariel trill guillot

thank you for such an interesting tutorial, I enjoyed very much reading it and looking at the pictures.
congratulations on your plan acomplished!

judy lake

thanks Mariel! This is an easy project to start with. There are full instructions somewhere here on the blog under drum shades.


Love your blog. I've been wanting a drum shade for my dining room for sometime. Who knew, I can make it my self. Time to head up to Rags n' Riches and wander around in textile land.
Nice bumping into you on facebook. I look forward to reading more of your diy post. So much to do, so little time. I LOVE THE INTERNET.

Deb Hall

judy lake

HI Deb,
So glad you checked out my blog. I've got the rest of the supplies or you can get them at
But love to have you come to see my shop; maybe in the spring.
I'll check out your Mad River Blog. It is fun, isn't it. I am always learning... and have a ways to go.ha.

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