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Jacqui Smail

Hello, I have been reading through these comments on your web page and you sure know a lot about lampshades. I have a question about lampshades and if anyone can answer it, it's you!

I bought two very large burlap lampshades from Cost Plus World Markets. It's the ones they advertise as being suitable for their floor lamps but I'm using them on old Italian cracked cream porcelane and pale teracota, very large table lamps with a 10 inch harp.

The shades are a perfect size, color, shape but the trouble is, I can see the lightbulb shining through the burlap fabric 😞. Apart from this one issue, they are perfect and I cannot find anything more suitable anywhere.

Is it possible to put some sort of backing on these lampshades so that I no longer can see the lightbulbs when the lamps are on. I tried using a very low wattage bulb but it only helps a little. I have some very fine white cotton lining fabric that I'd be willing to hand stitch in place but wondered, if with your vast experience of lampshades, you could think of a better solution to this situation.

I hope you can help me.

judy lake

Hi Wendy, sorry for delay, you've probably found trim by now. Just got this message. There are lots of great trim sources on line. I have found really fun trims on ETSY. Wonderful vintage trims. good luck. The internet is a huge resource!!

judy lake

Hi Jacqui,
I find it hard to believe that the light bulb shines through with burlap. I'd think it would be pretty dark---

I'd say it's next to impossible to add lining after the fact. I can't think of any great suggestion. Sorry, except maybe next time try a higher quality lampshade or linen fabric or grainsack fabric. xo judy

Angela Keith

Wow I want to make lampshades but feel if I did a class it would help! I am creative but this would be good for me but hard to find local in the uk. Angie.

Helen Rosenberg


Please can somebody assist. I am looking for the lampshade rings in all sizes in South Africa.


judy lake

Hi Helen- my suggestion is to reach out to another lampshade maker in your country for resources or search the web. Sources often depend on quantity. I am "friends" with The Lamp Shade Studio in S.A. - you might reach out to her. Here's her blog,
judy lake

J Mugabi

Hi this Jami from Uganda in East Africa. Me and my friends are starting out but having problems with the lining material and the perfect glue to use.That inner material is very hard to get this side and the glue we have sticks like wax. We are hoping to get glue that won't look like that. Can any of you help me with ways I can get these on eBay and where to find those that can ship to Africa. Thanks a lot and this is a great blog.


I have to glue a lamp shade together and it's very very rigid and keeps springing out of position to be flat again. Do you think the glue, Quick or upholstery glue will really work or do I have to use something more strong?

judy lake

Hi Eugene,
My guess is that you might have a frame that is for a soft back shade-- ie a frame that is meant for a silk sewn shade. If you have a frame like that no glue will work might sort of work but will look horrid...craft glue will work perfect if the frame is for a hard back shade. Look to see if the top is round and bottom flair--- that will not work for hard back shades.

judy lake

@ Jami from Uganda,
The lining we are using in the states is styrene. Often in Europe and beyond is vinyl but very similar. As for glue- maybe a craft glue that isn't quite as messy and dries clear.

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